How To Cook Couscous
In 2 Easy Steps

Learn how to cook couscous perfectly.


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Learn how to cook couscous in just 2 steps:

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How To Cook Couscous

That's all the ingredients to cook couscous!

To make 4 servings of sides, you'll need

  • 1 c couscous grains

  • 1 c boiling water

  • Optional - 1 stock cube

  • a lidded bowl

If using stock cubes be sure to dissolve them firstly

I use my trusty pyrex casserole dish which has a fitted cover. The cover keeps the heat in and helps with the absorption.

Here's how you cook the couscous:

Step One:  Mix the ingredients together

  • Place the couscous into a bowl that has a fitting cover

  • Either pour in the boiling water

  • Or if you want the couscous seasoned, add the stock cube to the boiled water, stir to complete dissolve then pour over the grains

  • Use a fork or blunt knife to mix it well

  • Cover with the lid 

Step Two: Fluff It Up

To add interest, I added dry roasted almonds. You can experiment with all sorts of variations including:

  • chopped parsley and some torn mint leaves

  • raisins with flaked almonds

  • chopped spring onions with small diced capsicum. Don't use tomato as it is too soft and wet - it'll make your couscous gluggy

  • leaving it plain seasoning it with a little salt and pepper.  This is best if this sides is to accompany an overly tasty hero main. You don't want too many super tasty dishes as it becomes overwhelming for the taste buds

  • This grain included in tabouli makes the salad a little more filling.

Tips From Easy Recipes

  • Cover the couscous with a lid helps the grain plump up with the internal heat from the boiled water. I use my trusty pyrex bowl with a cover for this purpose

  • Don't be tempted to add just that little bit more water - it only become gluggy. So, stick to the manufacturer's instructions or to the recipe as above

  • Sometimes we serve with added dry roasted almonds, cashews or any other nut to add some interest

  • It's flavorsome to add a half a bunch of roughly chopped parsley through the couscous too

  • Couscous is used to make tabouli, a salad of finely chopped parsley, spring onions and finely chopped nuts. It's so powerfully flavorsome that it needs the grain to temper the richness.

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