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Here are some of our deeply satisfying chicken soup recipes. All of them are based on the natural homemade chicken stock which we'll share with you.


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Create The Best Stock For Your Chicken Soup

I make stock from a fresh carcass.

...and it turns out the sweetest most nutritious stock for all my chicken soup recipes.

Here's how to create the best stock for all your recipes for chicken soup.

  • Remove all skin and fat from a whole fresh (raw) chicken

  • Fillet using a sharp knife removing firstly the maryland pieces, wings then breast

  • Now there's just the carcass

  • Fillet the meat off the Maryland pieces (that's the thigh and drumstick), save the meat and toss the long bones into the stockpot

  • Rinse and place in a stock pot

  • Dice a whole onion and throw it into the pot

  • Pour in 6 cups of water

  • Add salt and pepper to suit your taste

  • Bring to rapid boil

  • Reduce heat to simmer. Simmer for 1 hour.

There you are.

This makes a naturally sweet chicken soup, full of natural flavor.

This soup beats colds and flu fast!

I serve the soup plain as is, topped with finely diced shallots and make this whenever anyone in our home gets a cold.  I don't know why, but we always feel much better after this health giving soup.

Tips From Easy Recipes

  • The key to a flavorsome soup is not to add too much water when making the stock. A 1. 5 kg/3 pound fresh chicken should have no more than 6 cups of water. This makes 4 cups of soup.

  • The recipe here is for a basic pure stock, and variations to this form the basis of good recipes for chicken soup.

  • It is optional, but you can add herbs, celery and shallots. However I do this when I make soup variations.

  • When cooking this soup for health reasons, use less water, so that the flavor is denser. Sometimes I throw into the pot 2 cloves of finely diced garlic as well. I don't know why, but we invariably feel much better after a dose of this nutritious soup.

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