Carol's Super easy
Christmas Candy

Carol's easy christmas candy

Carol who is a marvel at making totally yummy anything shares this easy christmas candy. She is full of enthusiasm and ideas for delicious easy recipes. Enjoy!

Rating: Extremely easy

Hands-On Time:  under 20 Minutes

Toss these into the baking tray:

  • Popcorn
  • Chocolate pieces
  • tiny marshmallows
  • Salted peanuts, chopped roughly
  • Add chopped glace cherries and dried apricots for added color

Make a thin layer and mix them all up to make a tasty mess.

Melt a block (8oz/ 250gm) white chocolate and gently pour over the mess of treats, in streaks. If you must be fancy, use a piping bag.

As the chocolate is about to harden, scatter over colorful M&M's.

Allow to cool at room temperature.

Break it up roughly and serve. Watch the kids devour this scrumptious Christmas candy.

Tips From Easy Recipes

This is incredibly easy as there's no baking or chilling. The white chocolate will harden at room temperature. Its this that acts as the glue to keep the mess together

  • This is a christmas candy recipe that's so easy to throw together if you have to bring something to a party. Make it up in minutes and allow to cool in the car. It will be ready and hardened by the time you get to the party.

  • Make it colorful. For Christmas candy you may want to use just red and green  M&Ms

  • To make the popcorn crunchier, if you have time, place a layer of popcorn under the griller for 5 minutes

  • Always use eating grade and not cooking chocolate in treats.

  • If you don't have a piping bag, use a clean plastic bag with a corner snipped off

  • Here's what I do which makes this easy candy even easier.  I pour over gently in rough lines so it forms a criss-cross all over the mess

  • To make all the goodies in this candy hang together, don't make the layer of goodies too thick.  The chocolate has to be in contact with each piece of the mess to act as the glue