Easy Salad Recipe
Pasta And Pink Salmon With Cocktail Onions

This is an easy salad recipe that looks fantastic, tastes sophisticated and takes just minutes to put together.

Pasta Salad with Pink Salmon and Cocktail Onions

Pasta Salad With Pink Salmon And Cocktail Onions

This recipe serves 6 - 8 persons.

This is a self contained one-pot meal.

The Ingredients:

• 1/2 pound/ 250 gm short pasta, for example, penne

• 2 zucchini, sliced

• 2 tins x 415 gm/15oz pink salmon, drained

• 16 cocktail onions, quartered

• 1/2 lettuce

• 2 red capsicums or bell peppers, cut chunkily

Here's how to put this salad recipe together:

• Cook the penne

• When it is close to ready, toss in zucchini slices to blanch. Don't overcook. Keep the zucchini still a little crunchy

• As soon as the penne is al dente, run the contents under the cold water tap to stop it cooking and to cool it down

• While waiting for the penne to cook, cut up bell peppers, cocktail onions and tear up the lettuce. Place them all in a large, wide pasta bowl

• Break up the tinned pink salmon and add to the salad

• Toss in cooled penne and zucchini.

• Serve immediately

Tips From Easy Recipes

Your family will love this salad recipe - It's healthy, fresh and looks divine.

Now, how easy was this recipe!

To stop penne and vegetables from over cooking, run cold water over it while in the sauce pan till cooled.

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