Salad Recipes
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Salad Recipes
Easy and healthy salads are the best food for your family. We like to eat our raw, unprocessed vegetables WITHOUT oil so as to minimize our consumption of fat.

Easy Garden Salad

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Salad Recipes
Easy No Oil Garden Salad

This salad serves 6 - 8 persons.

You'll need:

• 1/2 head of lettuce, washed, leaves torn chunkily

• 2 ripe garden tomatoes, sliced into wedges

• 4 large mushrooms, sliced

• 1/8 onion, sliced very finely

• salt and pepper to taste

• 1 tbs lime or lemon juice

• Wash and dry lettuce leaves in a salad spinner. Tear them roughly. Pop into salad bowl

• Toss in wedged tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and scatter the finely sliced onion

• Sprinkle seasoning and drizzle lime juice over the salad

• Toss together

My family enjoys this garden salad made fresh and full of natural nutrients.

We often enjoy salads with little or no dressing not just to enjoy the natural sweetness of fresh produce but so as not to compete with an overly flavorsome hero dish.

Tips From Easy Recipes

Make the salad only when needed, that is, just before it is served. A salad that's left sitting for too long, wilts and looks most unappetizing.

The best thing about salads dressed without oil, is they taste of sun and good weather. Just that little bit of salt and pepper and lime juice brings out the natural fresh flavors.

It takes time to dry the lettuce leaves, so I wash and spin them in the salad spinner about half an hour before the meal to allow time to dry.

Use a generously sized salad bowl, with more than enough room to toss the salad ingredients.

For my everyday family meals, I use just an economical iceberg lettuce.

To dress this up for dinner parties, substitute with rocket or baby spinach.

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