how to cook zucchini

Zucchini ready to be cooked.

This is how to cook zucchini - it is such a healthy, easy to cook vegetable and perfect as quick sides. Head to the bottom of this page to find easy recipes with zucchini.

Rating: Very Easy

Hands-On Time : seconds

Hand-Off Time:  6 mins steamed, 3 mins microwave

Photo Tutorial
Cook Zucchini

Top and Tail the Zucchini
Cut zucchini into rounds

Zucchini cut into rectangular shape
How to cook zucchini - steamed in a pot.

Bring zucchini to the boil
Drain the zucchini

Or, cook zucchini in the microwave oven
zucchini cooked in the microwave

zucchini as sides

To serve as sides, allow, 1 medium sized zucchini per person.

It's very easy to cook this gourd - either microwave or quickly boiled or steamed. The vegetable is best served cooked rather than raw.

Prepare the zucchini by rinsing then remove the top and tail as in the photo below. Cut into desired shapes.

To steam in a saucepan or quickly boiled:

Because this is a soft gourd, it will cook quickly. I prefer my vegetables steamed - so pop the sliced pieces into a small saucepan. Add just a little salted water ( about to the level of 1/4 of the veg) and bring to the boil. Steam only for a few minutes till the zucchini is softened but not over cooked.

Drain and serve.  The result is a "wetter" cooked zucchini than that microwaved.

To microwave, place the chopped pieces into a ceramic bowl with a fitting lid. I use my trusty pyrex bowl. Add a little water - about a tablespoon and a dash of salt and cook covered on high for 3 minutes. Let it stand for a minute of so as it will continue to cook.

Drain and serve.

You can use zucchini in salads, cooked in savory breads, muffins but is most often served as vegetable sides.

There is no need to "over-do" this healthy vegetable, by adding sauces. It is delicious served gently cooked.

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