Pumpkin Roll

In this last stage of the tutorial for this pumpkin roll dessert, we'll learn how to make the pumpkin log from the fine thin layer of cake. This sensational dessert is from our collection of easy recipes that look fantastic but take little effort.

Pumpkin roll plated

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Final Steps To This Creamy Delicious Pumpkin Roll

For this stage, you'll require:

Pumpkin cake roll with spread of pumpkin and cream

Holding onto the baking paper, roll gently and loosely starting at the short end with the score mark.

The filling will ooze out so try to slacken off the tightness of the roll.

Use the baking paper to help hold the roll in place, ending with the roll sitting on the bottom edge.

Start rolling the pumpkin roll

Finish rolling and tidy up any excess overflow of the filling.

Pumpkin roll rolled

Transfer the log to a serving platter. A rectangular one is best, to suit the length of the roll.

Using the remainder of the whipped cream, spoon lashings of cream generously all over the top of the log. Use a flat spatula or a blunt knife to spread the topping.

Whipped cream spread all over the top of the pumpkin roll

When the topping is finished and you wish to cover it before chilling in the refrigerator, use a scaffolding of toothpicks as in the image here:

Place the toothpicks around the top - edges and center of the cake so that the cling wrap will support the delicate film without it touching the cake.

Toothpicks stuck into the pumpkin roll

Lay the plastic cling wrap over the toothpicks.

It's now covered. Chill it till it is time to be served.

Top the pumpkin roll with clear plastic wrap drapped over the toothpicks

It's ready to be served at any time.

Look at this - isn't this easy dessert sensational?

A slice of pumpkin roll

This makes a really lovely dessert and is ideal when you want a constrast in flavors.

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