Rum Balls Recipe

The wonderful thing about this easy rum balls recipe is the versatility of the recipe.

This basic recipe can be adapted as for Christmas Truffles, for use in a fruit wreath, for children's parties and with all sorts of coatings.

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Here's How To Make Variations For
Rum Balls

Here are some substitutions for this easy recipe.

  • Christmas fruit cake => Chocolate cake
  • Rum => Sweet Sherry
  • Rum => Melted Butter (for children's truffles)
  • Chocolate frosting => Vanilla frosting

Replace dry coating with:
  • Coconut - fine dessicated
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Colored icing sprinkles
  • - for a colored themed party
  • - to make up a flag
  • - for your sports club colors


To work easily and quickly when making two colors of rum balls, drop a few into one section of the tray of sprinkles and finish those firstly.

You can see here, I've split the dry ingredients on the tray with one side of cocoa powder and the other side, very fine dessicated coconut. Notice each side has its own set of tongs to roll the rum balls.

It saves so much time, finishing one color then starting on the next, as otherwise you'd be constantly changing tongs to work with different colors.

Here they are, I've worked with two dry ingredients for this lot of Christmas rum balls.

These were made by my children and I omitted any liqueur, substituting instead melted butter to add moisture to the balls.

I used this rum balls recipe to use in this incredibly easy Christmas dessert recipe of a strawberry wreath.

These truffles help keep down the cost of making the Christmas wreath and it also looks much more attractive to have the mass of red broken up by the rum balls.

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