How To Cook Bacon
WIth Photo Tutorial

Learn how to cook bacon and how to tell when it is cooked

Here is how to cook bacon so that it is crispy and with reduced fat. 

Bacon is a versatile ingredient because it is so very tasty but the downside is the high cholesterol fat attached.  We'll show you how to reduce the high cholesterol fat content.

Bacon adds depth of flavor to pastas, quiches, pies so be sure to cook a little more and freeze the surplus. 

Below is the step by step photo tutorial. Click on each image to open out the detailed instructions and a larger image.

Step by Step Photo Tutorial

Bacon rashers in a skillet

Bacon rashers cooked in a frypan
Drain cooked bacon on paper towels

Tips From Easy Recipes

  •  My family only ever purchases trimmed bacon and middle rashers. See in the photos how these are not the full rashers.  I always trim away excess fat and full rashers are mostly fat which is discarded anyway

  • For breakfast allow 2 to 3 rashers per person

  • Always cook bacon so that they do not overlap. You want each piece to cook evenly

  • Keep the heat on moderately high. It cooks quickly and when it curls up -  that's when it is cooked through.

  • Always drain bacon on paper towels or kitchen paper.  The paper absorbs the excess fat

  • You can also cook bacon in the microwave. We'll show you how to do this without the splatter and explosions

  • Purchase in  bulk - it's much cheaper that way. I then break up the rashers into 4 person serves to freeze individual meal sized serves

  • I also then quickly cook up some of the surplus to freeze for later use. I use them in soups, pies, quiches, muffins, tasty breads. It's so easy when you have a supply of cooked ingredients in the freezer

  • Use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut up bacon. It's much faster than trimming or cutting with a knife

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