Photo Tutorial
How To cook Spaghetti

This is how to cook spaghetti.

This photo tutorial shows you each step in how to cook spaghetti just right.   Follow each step closely so you don't end up with the common problem of gluggy spaghetti.

Use this process for long pasta. The common long noodle pasta are:

  • spaghettini, a fine spaghetti
  • fettucini, a long flat noodle pasta
  • spaghetti - a long tube noodle pasta

Rating: Very Easy

Cooking Time: Depends on the thickness of the noodles but about 10 minutes.

Equipment: A large stock pot. This is essential. Do not use a saucepan.

Step By Step Photo Tutorial
How To Cook Spaghetti

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Large stock pot of salted boiling water
Place spaghetti into pot of boiling water

Add a couple of stock cubes to the boiling water
Spaghetti cooking in rapidly boiling water

Stir the spaghetti
Colander in the sink ready to drain the cooked spaghetti.

Drain spaghetti into the colander
Spaghetti draining in a colander

Serve spaghetti

How to From Easy Recipes

  • Always use a large stock pot to cook spaghetti or any long noodles. The noodles need lots of room to float around to cook evenly

  • Always have lots of lightly salted water. I fill the pot to 3/4 full so that there's lots of moving room.

  • You can use a couple of stock cubes to make the pasta more tasty. Generally, if the sauce is rich and flavorsome, it is preferable to have pasta that's plain - this highlights the hero dish.  

  • Clear out the sink,  clean it ready to place the colander and receive the spaghetti for draining.

  • Always keep the heat on high so that the water is always at rapid boil. You can see the noodles freely moving around - that's what you want for even cooking.

 This is how you test to determine if the spaghetti is cooked just right. Take a noodle out and taste it. It will be cooked al dente - just perfectly when

  • it is soft on the outside
  • but still has a small center that is still slightly hard

That's when it is perfect. It does not take long at all to cook. So don't go off to do something else or it will be overcooked.

  • Turn the heat off immediately

  • Drain into the colander

  • Add a little olive oil and stir through with tongs or a spaghetti server. The oil helps to keep the noodles separate otherwise, they do tend to stick together. It keeps it runny and smooth.  I don't add much to minimize our fat consumption.

  • Serve immediately!

Here are some yummy sauces to go with spaghetti: