hard boiled eggs-
how to cook Eggs Perfectly

Hard Boiled Eggs-How To Cook them perfectly. A carton or hard boiled eggs.

Sick of leathery hard boiled eggs-how to cook them perfectly!

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Easy Recipes Rating: Incredibly Simple

Hands-On Time : 10 seconds

Hands-Off Time : 10 minutes

Here's How To Cook Eggs

For Hard Boiled Eggs,

cook the eggs in boiling water


Only for 10 minutes!

To speed up the process, I  boil water in a kettle firstly, this being the fastest and most energy efficient way.

Place the fresh eggs in a saucepan.

Pour over boiling water. Bring to rapid boiling on the stove top and leave for 10 minutes and not one minute more.

Any more and you'll end up with leathery hard boiled eggs.

That's it!

Photo Instructions on Hard Boiled Eggs-How To Cook Them Perfectly

The ingredients and equipment:

  • An electric kettle for boiling hot water
  • a roomy saucepan
  • Fresh eggs

Rapid boil for:

  • 10 minutes  for perfect hard boiled eggs

  • 3 minutes for perfect soft boiled eggs with runny yolks.

What To Do With Hard Boiled Eggs

Ideal for a Protein Diet

I boil up a batch of eggs and put them back in the egg carton, marking them with HB for hard boiled.

I eat them during the day as I'm careful with the amount of carbs consumed and am on a protein diet - hard boiled eggs, fit the bill perfectly.

Yummy In Salads

Make this sensationally Easy Broccoli Salad which is one of your 20 minute Easy Recipes.  The eggs add not just contrast in color but also texture - soft eggs vs crisp greens.

Make a Nicose Salad with flaked tuna, cos salad, a few anchovies, crispy croutons and of course, hard boiled eggs.


Slice eggs and use as a filling in sandwiches.

But, I like them mashed up roughly with a fork, then add salt, pepper and mayo - this sandwich filling is delicious!

Oh, egg sandwiches are even better toasted.