Quick Easy Dessert Recipes

Our Quick Easy Dessert Recipes are:

    1. Easy to make and best if the ingredients are thrown together for a delicious result
    2. Take under 10 minutes to put together
    3. and if baked or chilled, this hands off time is under 30 minutes.

The result from these quick easy recipes is an easy yet scrumptious dessert that's done in 30 - 40 minutes - that's quick enough to be ready when the main meal is over.

These wonderful dessert recipes are just perfect to quickly whip up then popped into the oven while enjoying dinner. They will be fresh and just cooked to perfection as you're ready to start the next course. Dessert is a lovely comforting way to end a family meal.

I've found that the quickest dessert recipe is a simple and delectable fresh fruit salad, but this takes time to prepare, generally about 30 minutes to cut, wash and present the various fruit.

It's a really lazy way to produce a dessert, but you just cannot go past a baked pudding made from ingredients that I'm certain will be in your pantry.

The wonderful thing about baked desserts is that it's mixed in one pot and you can walk away while the dessert is baking.

These desserts on this page are so easy to prepare and quicker and easier to create than a simple fruit salad.

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