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Learn how to cook ground beef like this yummy savory mince

It is useful to learn how to cook ground beef as it is the primary ingredient for popular easy recipes such as  chilis, spaghetti bolognaise, tasty meat loaf, shepherd's pie and oh, you'll love our stuffed capsicums.

The key to cooking well with ground beef in easy recipes is to ALWAYS use premium grade meat. Don't ever use the budget or cheap stuff - it is full of fat and you not just waste money by purchasing fat but it wastes your time to cook and discard the fat.

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Tips From Easy Recipes:
On How To Cook Ground Beef

  • Always use premium grade meat. It is a waste of time and money to purchase the cheap grade as it is mostly fat and you have to add in the process of de-fating and then disposing of the liquidified fat. Urgh!

  • Brown the minced meat in a hot pan before adding ingredients, although it is ok to include in this step garlic or onions.

  • Meals can be frozen and are delicious later too. I do this frequently with lasagna, meat loaf and chilis.

  • If you want a fancy recipe, try out Ground Beef Wellington, which is wrapped in delicate puff pastry.

20 Minute Ground Beef Recipe

This recipe makes 4 to 6 serves.

You'll require:

  • 1 pound/ 500 gm ground beef
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 1 can tomatoes
  • 1 ts garlic granules
  • 2 heaped ts paprika
  • 2 ts sugar
  • 2 c frozen peas
  • In a roomy large non-stick pot, soften onions

  • Add meat to brown. Keep heat on high  - this takes about 7 - 8 minutes

  • Add the remainder of the ingredients except the peas

  • Turn the heat down for a gentle bubbling simmer. Cook with the lid in place.
    This process thickens the sauce and takes about 8 minutes

  • In the last 2 - 3 mins, stir through the frozen peas and replace lid. There's no need to cook the peas. It will warm through sufficiently.

Serve immediately with pasta or rice.

It is also delicious served with toast for the next day's lunch.

Step By Step Photo Tutorial
20 Minute Savory Mince

Ingredients for a simple 20 minute ground beef recipe
Onion diced for delicious 20 minute ground beef recipe

Fry on high heat ground beef and  onions
Add all the ingredients to the ground beef and onions

Savoury ground beef simmering in a pot
Frozen peas added to savory ground beef recipe

Ground beef recipe cooked in 20 minutes.
Savory easy ground beef recipe plated with short pasta and salad.