Easy Pumpkin Recipes

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The secret to great tasting easy pumpkin recipes is to use the best quality ingredients from the premium grade vegetable oil to the quality of chocolate or coconut accompanying the pumpkin recipe.

The whole philosophy for Easy Recipes is minimal processing for a high grade outcome. As a result you get to taste the natural flavors.

For these recipes you may choose to roast or stew fresh pumpkin so as to include the taste of full natural and fresh pumpkin flavors in your cooking. We have step by step tutorials to show you exactly how to begin from trimming the skin off the fruit to draining it after stewing.

While the recipes listed on this page really are no-fuss and very simple to make, we do have a range of easy pumpkin pies. Pastry is generally not regarded as easy to work with but we show you how to make this a "plonk" in and "fill up" method. It really is simple and we encourage you to have a look at these delicious pies.

The one thing about pumpkin that is variable is the amount of water used in stewing the fruit. I generally pour in water into the saucepan to come up to 3/4 level of the fruit, in an attempt to ensure there's enough liquid so that it does not boil dry and yet not too much water which will dilute the flavors. The amount of stewing water depends on the variety of fruit and its ripeness. So, if there is one tip - take care to watch the pan when cooking pumpkin to avoid it boiling dry.

Leave Easy Pumpkin Recipes to be inspired by hundreds of delicious yet super easy recipes.